This is not an attack!

Relax, it's just educational and developmental activities, caused by scientific motives. I am a security researcher and bounty hunter.

You are here probably, because you have detected suspicious activity from this IP address. That's right. This server is made for educational purposes and for testing as part of bug bounty programs. In some cases this is also landing page for PoC. My additional dedicated PoC page is here. The action carried out from this address is scanning the network, open ports and its resources. All this to analyze threats and vulnerabilities.

Under no circumstances is this an attempt to attack resources of your company or home network.

Why could you detect a scan or analysis of your resources?

I am scaning it too. Resource scanning is not illegal or harmful.

What next?

Now that you know I'm not a black hat hacker attacking your network, you can sleep peacefully. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate and contact me. You wanna check some cool stuff? Visit Check interesting stats of this server. Looking for a good dedicated server or VPS? Check DediPath!